Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The Quick, Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dogs"

A play that Est Paris has planned on doing but hasn't gotten around to yet, Michael Merino's "The Quick, Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dogs," has had a successful debut at a Washington, DC, fringe festival.

DC Theater site:
"What do you get when you combine a talented group of actors, hermeneutics, diagrammed sentences, and thought-provoking deconstructionist dialogue? Aside from an entertaining and smart fifty minutes of theatre, you get a piece that actually delivers what it promises — an exploration of the individual’s relationship with language, and all the semantics, miscommunication, and mistakes that can be made along the way.
Smart, funny, and edgy–truly a delight."

Washington City Paper site:
"It’s the most fun and enjoyable hour of having your very concept of everyday life and communication knocked down and spat upon since David Ives’ All in the Timing."

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