Friday, May 25, 2007

"Shot House" plus concerts in July, "Fox" in the Fall

OK, we're doing "Shot House" July 5-6, 12-13, then looking to do "Quick Brown Fox" à la rentrée.

The play will be followed by sets by local musicians. Already signed up is a great duo mixing European and Berber music, Zinc-Breaks. Click on the flash player below to hear them play their version of Matoub's "O ma pâtrie":

For reservations, contact the theater by email or call 01 4036 9515.


D'luv said...

Hi Perry!

Thanks for getting in touch about tonight. I'll definitely try to make it (the free part is tres intriguing!)... As it's our one full day in Paris after a full week in the beautiful Loire Valley, it may end up being a jam-packed day before our flight tomorrow in the a.m., though.

By the way, you have a lovely pair of friends back there.


Uncka Paul said...

Monsieur Leopard:

Hope all went well last night! Call me...anything you like!

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