Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Seat Yourself" - Saturday June 14

It's on, y'all.

L'Ogresse: 4, rue des Prairies, 75020 Paris.
Métro: Porte de Bagnolet, Gambetta.

Saturday, June 14.
Doors open at 7 pm.

We'll put on the play, which lasts about 10 minutes, at around 8:30.
Followed by live music by Perry and others.


Piso Mojado said...

This looks promising. I have been a fan of Mr. Merino's squirrel musings and his You Tube shenanigans.

Like Samuel Beckett and Jerry Lewis, this talent has found his deserved following in the land of de Gaulle.

Tres bon.

Anonymous said...

I saw a terrific reading of this playlette at Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, DC. back in March. I think staging this script guerilla-style in a bar is an excellent choice. It's short enough not to overwhelm the contrived spontaneity of the happening, and funny enough to hold the audience’s attention. I would be interested in learning if the piece becomes interactive.

Perry said...

Screw you, Shamu, and Piso Mojado as well. I know your type: lowlife wannabe artistes trying to grab the coattails of a tux-wearing giant. Merino throws up at at the site of a Smith Corona; that's the kind of genius we're talking about.

So you can both take your silly little comments, make pliers out of them and rip off your fingernails.

I know your domain: This is beyond asshole-ism and into some sort of urinary tract.

You're not worthy of sweeping up Merino's toenail clippings.

Now go away before I get nasty.

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