Thursday, August 15, 2013

De Diario De Los Luchadores

The latest from Michael Merino:

De Diario De Los Luchadores
In the style of a telenovela (or cartoon for adults/drunks) comes the story of two wrestlers – their loves, their passions and their tights. Cielito Lindo and Dirty Sanchez star in DE DIARIO DE LOS LUCHADORES, Mexico’s greatest story never told … until now. Mujeres picantes, hombres calientes, mariachi, the Virgen de Guadalupe, and mucho, mucho mas.
Written by Piso Mojado and directed by Kerri Rambow.
DE DIARIO benefits Ayuda.

Monday nights in October 2013 at the Bier Baron, 8 p.m.
1523 22nd Street NW, Washington DC 20037
Tel: 202-293-1887

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